Monthly Archives: August 2011

Badlands – Death Valley, California

One of the more difficult National Parks we stopped at was Death Valley. It was completely worth it but I understand why they are struggling for funding and why it is called Death Valley. I found these rock formations in the Badlands to be quite stunning. Death Valley is such a massive area we only got to see a few of the features but I am glad this was one of them.

Summer Vacation

Katy and I took our vacation in road trip form at the beginning of the summer. We drove from Huntsville to San Francisco and back a different way. I’m going to try to use this blog as encouragement to sift through the thousands of photographs I have taken and never done anything with and I am starting with this trip.

Work Today

I wasn’t quite sure what I could shoot for tomorrow’s paper when my boss texted me this morning asking for “wild art”. Wild art translates to: its a boring day in Huntsville but its my job to find something worth looking at and talking about. This has to be one of the more difficult aspects of my job. Today I lucked out and met a generous and helpful construction supervisor, Dennis Reyna, who was happy to show me the blueprints for the new splash park that he and his men were working on at Eastham Thomason Park. Turned out some fairly respectable photographs and I didn’t have to spend all that much time sweating in the summer heat.

First Entry

I have been mostly working for the local newspaper lately though I have been contemplating a new series. I can’t complain about the unlimited access to interesting subjects and constant encouragement to get out and shoot that comes with my position at the Item. Here are a few random photos. Maybe they could spawn a new direction for me.